Logo Design for Abraham Neri

As part of my Talent Management agency, Spark, I offer free graphic design to all of my talent, including logo creation or revision.

So when Abraham and I started chatting about the possibility of me managing him, the told me that he had a designer doing a logo for him already. Skip forward a couple months, and the designer still hadn’t given him any sort of progress on his logo, so I told him that I would take over the design.

After quite a few rounds of samples, he chose the purple and white   TEXT+ICON logo that is pictured above in the header.

The brand standard of the logo is the purple and white you see, but I  created a couple different color variations of it, which I’ve used on some of his SoundCloud set covers so that it blended with the design of the cover.

The logo itself lends itself to  infinite  variations, which is   a characteristic I like to build into all my logos (if the branding allows for or warrants it).