Starting a new endeavor is never easy, but sometimes a blank canvas is the first place to start, especially for a graphic designer. When COVID hit, my husband, Emerich, and I decided that we needed to diversify our income as much as possible. The two of us had always wanted to get into Real Estate, and the present was as good a time as any.

We’re still finishing up classes toward our licenses, but we knew that once we get them, that we would want to start a team at Keller Williams, where I did a short stint as Director of First Impressions. We also knew that Atlanta’s real estate industry is saturated with agents, and that we needed to set ourselves apart with a brand that stood out, one that was easily searchable on the internet (short & memorable domain name), one with a simple moniker that portrayed luxury. 

Because we’re a team, he and I will work on building the brand standards together, but because of my background in Promotional Products and Publishing, I’ve already started by building some standards into the logo itself—the font(s), the spacing of the elements, and the accepted variations.